Bank One Corporation History

1 Bank One Plaza
Chicago, Illinois 60670

Telephone: (312) 732-4000
Fax: (312) 732-3366

Public Company
Incorporated: 1998
Employees: 91,310
Sales: $25.98 billion (1999)
Stock Exchanges: New York Chicago
Ticker Symbol: ONE
NAIC: 551111 Offices of Bank Holding Companies; 52211 Commercial Banking (pt); 52221 Credit Card Issuing (pt); 52232 Financial Transactions Processing; 52239 Other Activities Related to Credit Intermediation (pt)

Company Perspectives:

We will deliver exceptional results through exceptional people. We are a highly respected, world-class financial services company committed to being the best in all we do: superior performance, quality service, a great place to work. Key Dates:

Key Dates:

First Chicago (the First) opens for business.
The First opens the First Trust and Savings Bank to serve non-commercial customers.
First Trust merges with Union Trust Company to form the First Union Trust and Savings Bank.
John H. McCoy becomes president of City National Bank & Trust (CNB) of Columbus, Ohio.
CNB becomes the first bank outside of California to market Bankamericard (later Visa).
First Banc Group of Ohio, Inc., a holding company of CNB, is formed.
First Chicago Corporation is established.
First Banc Group is renamed Banc One , and its affiliated banks adopt the name Bank One.
Banc One expands beyond state boundaries through an agreement with Purdue National Corporation in Indiana.
Banc One enters Texas through the acquisition of MCorp and its family of failed banks.
First Chicago and NBD Bancorp, Inc. merge to form First Chicago NBD Corp.
Banc One acquires First USA Inc., a fast-growing credit card company.
Bank One Corporation is formed through the merger of Banc One and First Chicago NBD.
Bank One launches an Internet-only bank called

Company History:

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