Gold Fields Ltd. History

24 St. Andrews Road
Parktown, 2193
Postnet Suite 252
Private Bag X30500
Houghton, 2041
South Africa

Telephone: (11) 644 2400
Fax: (11) 484 0626

Public Company
Incorporated: 1887 as the Gold Fields of South Africa Ltd.
Employees: 48,000
Sales: $1.53 billion (2003)
Stock Exchanges: South Africa New York London Paris Brussels Swiss
Ticker Symbol: GFI
NAIC: 212221 Gold Ore Mining

Company Perspectives:

Our vision is to be the leading, value-adding, globally diversified, precious metals producer through the responsible, sustainable, and innovative development of quality assets.

Key Dates:

Gold Fields of South Africa is formed by Cecil Rhodes and Charles Rudd.
George and Leopold Albu create the General Mining and Finance Corp.
The predecessor to Union Corp. is created by Adolf Goertz.
West Witwatersrand Areas Ltd. is formed to work the West Wits Line.
General Mining merges with Federale Mynbou.
West Wits takes over all of Gold Fields of South Africa's assets as well as its name.
Gencor Ltd. is born out of the merger between General Mining and Finance Corporation and Union Corporation.
Gold Fields of South Africa and Gencor merge to form Gold Fields Ltd.
The company enacts its first Black Economic Empowerment transaction to fulfill the new Mining Charter.

Company History:

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