Nestlé S.A. History

Avenue Nestlé 55
CH-800 Vevey

Telephone: 41-21-924-2111
Fax: 41-21-924-28-13

Public Company
Incorporated: 1866 as Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company
Employees: 253,000
Sales: CHF 86.76 billion ($76.66 billion) (2004)
Stock Exchanges: Basle Geneva Zurich Amsterdam Brussels Frankfurt London Paris Tokyo Vienna OTC
Ticker Symbols: NESN; NSRGY (ADRs)
NAIC: 311514 Dry, Condensed, and Evaporated Dairy Product Manufacturing; 311520 Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert Manufacturing; 311511 Fluid Milk Manufac- turing; 311422 Specialty Canning; 311411 Frozen Fruit, Juice, and Vegetable Processing; 311412 Frozen Specialty Food Manufacturing; 311230 Breakfast Cereal Manufacturing; 311111 Dog and Cat Food Manufacturing; 311320 Chocolate and Confectionery Manufacturing from Cacao Beans; 312111 Soft Drink Manufacturing; 311930 Flavoring Syrup and Concentrate Manufacturing; 311920 Coffee and Tea Manufacturing; 311823 Dry Pasta Manufacturing; 311999 All Other Miscellaneous Food Manufacturing; 325412 Pharmaceutical Preparation Manufacturing; 325620 Toilet Preparation Manufacturing; 551112 Offices of Other Holding Companies

Company Perspectives:

Quality is the essential ingredient in all of our brands and the reason why millions of people choose Nestlé products every day. Our consumers have come to trust in Nestlé's commitment to excellence and turn to Nestlé brands to maintain nutritional balance in a fast paced world.

Key Dates:

The Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company is founded in Cham, Switzerland.
Henri Nestlé begins selling cow's milk-food in Vevey, Switzerland.
Nestlé opens a factory in the United States.
Nestlé and the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company merge.
Nestlé introduces Nescafe.
Nestlé enters the nonfood business, becoming a major shareholder of the cosmetics company L'Oréal.
After numerous name changes, Nestlé S.A. is adopted as the official corporate title of the company.
Nestlé acquires Carnation and Hills Brothers Inc.
Nestlé acquires Perrier.
Nestlé acquires the Spillers pet food business belonging to Dalgety PLC, making it the second largest pet food maker in Europe.
Nestlé acquires Ralston-Purina to become co-leader in the global pet food business.
Nestlé acquires Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream.
Chief executive officer Peter Brabeck-Letmathe is named chairman of the board.

Company History:

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