Reed Elsevier plc History

25 Victoria Street
London SW1H0EX
United Kingdom

Telephone: (44) 171 222-8420
Fax: (44) 171 227-5799

Joint Venture of Elsevier N.V. and Reed International plc
Incorporated: 1880 as Uitgeversmaatschappij Elsevier; 1903 as Albert E. Reed & Company Ltd.
Employees: 26,100
Sales: £3.16 billion ($5.29 billion) (1998)
NAIC: 51112 Periodical Publishers; 51111 Newspaper Publishers; 5114 Database and Directory Publishers; 51113 Book Publishers; 511199 All Other Publishers

Company Perspectives:

Our priority will be to develop our products in tune with our customers' needs, and our success will be based upon quality products and information services at appropriate prices. In each of these businesses, we must strike the right balance between building our services in electronic media and optimising the performance of our traditional print activities. Key Dates:

Key Dates:

Five Dutch booksellers form Uitgeversmaatschappij Elsevier, a publishing company.
Reed International, a paper manufacturer, forms in the United Kingdom.
Reed incorporates as Albert E. Reed & Company Ltd.
The Daily Mirror and Sunday Pictorial companies become the International Publishing Corporation.
International Publishing Corporation and Reed merge to become Reed International.
Elsevier merges with Nederlandse Dagbladunie N.V., a newspaper group, and forms Elsevier N.V.
Elsevier acquires Congressional Information Service.
Reed acquires Octopus Publishing, its largest publishing acquisition to date.
Elsevier purchases Pergamon Press in its largest acquisition to date.
Reed Elsevier joint venture forms.
Company acquires LEXIS-NEXIS, a premier information services provider.
Reed Elsevier acquires Matthew Bender & Company, Inc., a legal information provider.

Company History:

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