Trinity Mirror plc History

One Canada Square
Canary Wharf
London E14 5AP
United Kingdom

Telephone: 44 20 7293 3000
Fax: 44 20 7293 3476

Public Company
Incorporated: 1999
Employees: 14,000
Sales: £1.13 billion (2001)
Stock Exchanges: London
Ticker Symbol: TNI
NAIC: 511110 Newspaper Publishers

Company Perspectives:

We have delivered a robust financial performance in 2001. The current economy makes forecasting future performance very difficult but we have developed clear and ambitious plans for all parts of the Group. We have the team and the determination to deliver these plans. In doing so, we expect to create value for shareholders and fulfillment for all of our people.

Key Dates:

The News Letter, published by Trinity and the oldest surviving English-language newspaper in the world, makes its first appearance in Belfast.
The Daily Post, with a cover price of one penny, is launched by Liverpool Daily Post & Echo Ltd.
Trinity introduces the Belfast Telegraph, which becomes Northern Ireland's best-selling newspaper.
Alfred Harmsworth buys the London Evening News for £25,000.
Alfred and Harold Harmsworth found the Daily Mail.
The Daily Mirror becomes the first daily paper with a circulation greater than one million.
Cecil Harmsworth King becomes chairman of the Mirror.
The Mirror and its newly acquired magazine empire are merged to form the International Publishing Corporation (IPC).
Cecil King is forced to resign.
The merger of IPC and Albert E. Reed & Co. Ltd., one of the largest paper products companies in Europe, creates Reed International.
Robert Maxwell purchases the Mirror papers for about £90 million, and the Mirror Group Newspapers Ltd. (MGN) becomes a pillar of his business empire.
Trinity International Holdings plc is established as a new parent company for Liverpool Daily Post & Echo Ltd.
Trinity International Holdings shortens its name to Trinity plc.
Robert Maxwell is found dead, presumably from drowning.
A consortium led by the Mirror Group purchases the Independent for an estimated $110 million.
Trinity buys five British newspapers, including the Belfast Telegraph in Northern Ireland and the Western Mail in Cardiff, Wales, from Canada's Thomson Corporation.
Mirror Group acquires Midland Independent Newspaper plc.
Mirror Group sells its stake in the Independent.
Trinity announces its purchase of Mirror Group and the combined company is named Trinity Mirror plc.
Trinity Mirror announces plans to earmark an additional £25 million for editorial revamping and marketing for the Daily Mirror.

Company History:

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