CrowdPitch can best be described as American Idol meets Shark Tank. We give business owners the opportunity to describe their business and receive valuable feedback from the crowd and a panel of expert judges. CrowdPitch is free to apply, attend, and present.

CrowdPitch is a fun event that allows business owners to learn how to improve thier business and gives them things to think about as they take their company forward. Both the presenters and the audience get an opportunity to learn from highly experienced panel members that have either loaned money to successful businesses, built companies of their own, or invested in them. Since CrowdPitch is free to attend with free food & drinks, and prizes for the winning presenter — it's a fun and educational way to spend a few hours.

Presenting Companies

FundingUniverse will select companies to present on-stage at the CrowdPitch event. The presenting companies will complete a mandatory, but free, coaching session prior to the event. Each company will have 4 minutes to present, and 4 minutes only! This is followed by a 3 minute Q&A from the audience and then a 3 minutes Q&A with the judges.

Again, it is important to note that there is no charge to apply, present, or attend. CrowdPitch is completely free.

Audience Participation

Attendees in the audience will receive $100 of play "FUN" money that they will use to "invest" in their favorite presenting company. Judges recieve $500 of FUN money to invest as well. After all the presentations, the audience and the judges will place their "FUN" money into the hands of their favorite CrowdPitch presenter.

Selecting the Winning Presenter

After all of the presentations, the company with the most FUN money that is invested by the audience and judges will be the winner.