Denver, July 14th, 2010

Global Tek Labs won the July 2010 Denver CrowdPitch

Global Tek Labs is the pioneer in developing commercially relevant iPhone and iPad attachments. The first product already hitting the market is the AirePoint, an affordable credit card reader attachment that turns any iPhone OS device into a wireless credit card terminal. Combined with the ezPOS app, this is the most versatile POS solution for small businesses. Our app development team is also incorporating the latest iPhone OS features into a new social networking app, creating a fun real-time friend finder using GPS, IM, texting and video chat. In addition, we are developing an iPad based restaurant control system, to provide table management, POS and customer loyalty features in an affordable package for small restaurants nationwide.

Panel of Judges

  • Tyler Tysdal - Managing Director of Mantucket Capital, with over $1 billion of capital under management.
  • Mike Janssen - President of Techmed and an angel investor in the greater Denver area
  • Charlie Knight - Founder at Venture Law Advisors, President at Abacco Investment Group, CEO at Boreal Energy, Inc.
  • Cole Dennard - General Manager at NOW Advisors, Audit Manager at Deloitte


Global Tek Labs won $5,500 of services from our sponsors
Financial & accounting services
$2,500 value

startup services
$2,500 value

web services
$500 value


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FundingUniverse, an organization that helps entrepreneurs analyze their prospects and apply for funding, is hosting a “CrowdPitch” event in Baltimore on Feb. 25th at the University of Maryland BioPark, on the west side of the city.

We had a great time! Anywhere you hold a CrowdPitch we’d love to come to.