Seattle, Seattle Feb 17th

Apply to Pitch
free, apply by Feb. 3
rsvp for a free meal

When & Where

Feb 17
11:30 - 1:30 pm

Tech Dwellers @ Pacific Market
5th Floor
6100 4th Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98108

There is a huge adjoining parking lot with ample free parking.

What is CrowdPitch?

CrowdPitch is 100% free. Free for the pitching entrepreneurs & free for spectators (oh, and a free meal is provided too).

Think ´American Idol´ or ´shark tank´ — 5 to 6 entrepreneurs will have 4 minutes to pitch their company to both a panel of experts & a live audience, followed immediately by a 3-minute Q&A session with the audience. Finally, we unleash the panel of experts to offer up constructive feedback.

As you arrive, grab a plate of food and take a seat. We'll give you a moment to eat while you chat with those around you. The pitches will start soon after.

The audience chooses the winner by investing 'FUN' money in the venture of their choice

Panel of Judges

  • To be announced

Pitching Entrepreneurs


The winner gets $5,500 of services from our sponsors
Financial & accounting services
$2,500 value

startup services
$2,500 value

web services
$500 value


  • Six startups gave their four-minute pitch at the second Crowdpitch Minneapolis event hosted yesterday by Rain Source Capital and FundingUniverse, but MinuteBids stole the show.

  • Love entrepreneurs? or for that matter, intrapreneurs? Then come along with Shareology to relive last week's CrowdPitch in Minneapolis!

  • Cha Dao Tea Company won the FundingUniverse CrowdPitch! Cha Dao markets and manufactures a line of fresh bottled teas.

  • One week from today—on Thursday, July 15—CrowdPitch returns to Minnesota. Only this time, it's on the other side of town at the Dorsey Ewald Conference Center in St. Paul.

  • This afternoon, I decided to check out CrowdPitch, an event organized by FundingUniverse and hosted by Amazon's AWS team.

  • Entrepreneurs get a chance to pitch their business. Spectators (investors?) get to watch free of charge, and they'll even throw in a free meal!

  • Having pitched its ad-based paper coffee cup innovation to FundingUniverse's CrowdPitch event, an aptly-named company called CupAd accepted lookalike banknotes in appreciation of its award-winning concept.

  • What do you get when you take the setup for a television talent show, that includes a panel of judges and audience, but replace the singers, dancers and comedians, with entreprenuers? The result isFundingUniverse's CrowdPtich

  • I really want to see one of these events in action. They're hosted by FundingUniverse and they're meant to give really, really new startups a chance to raise some money and obtain access to business services

  • I just heard of a really cool idea from Funding Universe. They will be holding an American Idol type contest in which they decide who is worthy of their money.

  • Local entrepreneurs will soon get some help in getting funded.St. Paul-based RAIN Source Capital, a multistate angel network group, is finalizing a partnership with a Utah company that focuses on matching entrepreneurs with investors and lenders.

  • CrowdPitch, an event that bills itself as an "American Idol" for startups seeking financing, is coming to Minneapolis for the first time.

  • On Monday, April 12th, Minneapolis will join the likes of Orlando, Seattle, Denver, Pheonix, Utah and Baltimore with the launch of "Crowdpitch Minneapolis."

  • Plenty of folks turn to matchmaking services to find a date. So, why not turn to one to find cash for your company? That's the idea behind Utah firm Funding Universe LLC, which hooks up entrepreneurs with would-be investors.

  • five business owners from the mid-Atlantic region were scheduled to talk up their companies to an audience of venture capitalists and other potential investors in a "Crowd Pitch" event at the University of Maryland's Baltimore biotechnology park. The event was organized by Funding Universe

  • FundingUniverse, an organization that helps entrepreneurs analyze their prospects and apply for funding, is hosting a "CrowdPitch" event in Baltimore on Feb. 25th

  • Stealthmode also is working with Funding Universe and GangPlank, a technology cooperative and incubator, to help get financing to local tech entrepreneurs.

  • That's why I think you should swing by NedSpace Old Town tomorrow at lunch for the Funding Universe Portland CrowdPitch. What's CrowdPitch, you ask?

  • FundingUniverse, a Salt Lake City firm that connects entrepreneurs with active investors, held its first crowd pitch event in Arizona last month in Chandler. Six local companies...

  • Funding Universe is trying something a little different with this event: This event is all about Social Entrepreneurs. See profit-based social ventures who aim to improve our community pitch to a panel of experts.

  • Small business liaison FundingUniverse announced a new contest for entrepreneurs in Phoenix, Arizona. The contest, called CrowdPitch, will allow small business owners to pitch business ideas in front of a panel of investors, as well as a live audience of other entrepreneurs.

  • CrowdPitch Debut Provides Recession Relief by Bringing Local Angel Investors and Entrepreneurs Together in Phoenix

  • In the past nine months, FundingUniverse has helped more than 1,000 entrepreneurs secure more than $35 million in financing.

  • What do you get when you take the setup for a television talent show, that includes a panel of judges and audience, but replace the singers, dancers and comedians, with entreprenuers? The result isFundingUniverse's CrowdPtich

  • Companies that pitch are selected beforehand, and given four minutes to talk up their company. An panel of experts has a few minutes to ask companies questions, and the audience votes by "investing" $100 in fake money in a particular company.

  • Xit Poll

    We had a great time! Anywhere you hold a CrowdPitch we'd love to come to.

  • Park and Restroom Structures Inc.

    "You folks will never know how much we appreciated the opportunity to pitch at the Portland CrowdPitch. We came away better prepared for the future. Thank you again for all that you folks do."

  • Planning Genie

    "The coaching we reveived was very informative & well organized!"

  • regreet

    "CrowdPitch was an absolutely invaluable experience. It introduced us to amazing opportunities."

  • HighPoints Learning

    "When I registered for the conference and saw the opportunity to pitch our company to a group of peers I thought it would be a good way to test the marketing and strategic plans I had just developed and possibly to get a little feedback on our business model. Well the event far exceeded my expectations! I am happy that we decided to participate in your program and look forward to reaping the benefits of a successful relationship."

  • Biogreen Logistics

    "The PitchPrep program is extremely helpful from the perspective of illustrating the required steps and processes involved in making connections with prospective investors. I learned the importance of having solid financials for my business. With FundingUniverse guidance in this area I can now appreciate the reasons for past failures in approaching investors!"

  • SatoriEDU

    "Thank you for inviting us to participate in CrowdPitch. We especially appreciated the presentation format (4 min preso, 3 min Q&A, and 2 min panel input), and the opportunity to receive feedback from both panel members and the audience. CrowdPitch is truly a two-way communication forum (vs one-way), allowing presenters to walk away with constructive feedback from a variety of viewpoints."

  • Journey Gym

    "I just wanted to write to thank you both for scheduling the Funding Universe CrowdPitch event this past Wednesday. We appreciated the opportunity to be involved and were excited to have had journey gym win. We of course look forward to working with you on your evaluation of our fundability as we work to complete our Subsequent Round of financing."

  • CubeSkinz

    "We won both the prize and valuable feedback from the investment panel. I highly recommend CrowdPitch to any entrepreneur who wants and can handle frank feedback. After the event one of the judges even offered to introduce me to a complimentary business whom he thought would make a great partner. Great event. Thanks FundingUniverse."