Campbell Soup Company History

One Campbell Place
Camden, New Jersey 08103-1799

Telephone: (856) 342-4800
Toll Free: 800-257-8443
Fax: (856) 342-3878

Public Company
Incorporated: 1922
Employees: 24,000
Sales: $7.11 billion (2004)
Stock Exchanges: New York Philadelphia Swiss
Ticker Symbol: CPB
NAIC: 311422 Specialty Canning; 311330 Confectionery Manufacturing from Purchased Chocolate; 311412 Frozen Specialty Food Manufacturing; 311421 Fruit and Vegetable Canning; 311423 Dried and Dehydrated Food Manufacturing; 311812 Commercial Bakeries; 311813 Frozen Cakes, Pies, and Other Pastries Manufacturing; 311821 Cookie and Cracker Manufacturing; 311919 Other Snack Food Manufacturing; 311941 Mayonnaise, Dressing, and Other Prepared Sauce Manufacturing

Company Perspectives:

In July 2001, we launched a bold plan--and made a massive commitment--to transform Campbell Soup Company. Despite many challenges, it is now clear that we have renewed, revitalized, and reinvigorated our company and put it back on a growth track. We've rebuilt our organization, recharged our brands, and reinforced our market positions around the world. We are clearly better as a company, and ready for the next phase of our transformation: driving quality growth in everything we do.

Key Dates:

Joseph Campbell and Abraham Anderson form a partnership, Anderson and Campbell, in Camden, New Jersey, to can tomatoes, vegetables, jellies, condiments, and mincemeat.
Partnership is dissolved; Campbell buys out Anderson's interest, changing the name of the firm to Joseph Campbell & Company.
New partnership is formed under the name Joseph Campbell Preserving Company.
Company successfully develops method of canning condensed soup.
Company's name changes to Joseph Campbell Company.
Campbell's soups are first marketed in California, providing the brand with national distribution.
Franco-American Food Company is acquired.
Company is incorporated as Campbell Soup Company.
Campbell ventures into radio advertising.
Company takes its stock public on the New York Stock Exchange.
Acquisition of C.A. Swanson & Sons, originator of the TV dinner, takes Campbell into frozen foods.
Pepperidge Farm, Incorporated is acquired.
Chunky ready-to-serve soups make their debut.
Campbell acquires full control of Godiva Chocolatier, Inc.
Vlasic Foods, Inc. is acquired.
Prego spaghetti sauces are introduced.
Campbell pays $1.1 billion for Pace Foods Ltd.
Company spins off its specialty foods segment, including Vlasic pickles and Swanson frozen foods; Campbell is now focused on four core areas: soups, sauces and beverages, biscuits and confectionery, and foodservice.
Several European dry soup and bouillon brands are acquired from Unilever for $900 million; under new leader Douglas R. Conant, Campbell launches major revitalization program.

Company History:

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