CNH Global N.V. History

World Trade Center
Tower B, 10th Floor
Amsterdam Airport
The Netherlands
Telephone: (20) 446-04-29
Fax: (20) 446-04-36
700 State Street
Racine, Wisconsin 53404

Telephone: (20) 446-04-29
Fax: (20) 446-04-36

Public Company, 71 Percent Owned by Fiat S.p.A.
Incorporated: 1991 as N.H. Geotech
Employees: 35,000
Sales: $10.67 billion (1999)
Stock Exchanges: New York
Ticker Symbol: CNH
NAIC: 333111 Farm Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing; 333112 Lawn and Garden Tractor and Home Lawn and Garden Equipment Manufacturing; 333120 Construction Machinery Manufacturing; 333924 Industrial Truck, Tractor, Trailer, and Stacker Machinery Manufacturing

Company Perspectives:

To continue to give customers access to their preferred brands, CNH is committed to a multiple brand, multiple distribution business model. While the company will combine functional operations on a global basis, commercial and sales organizations and distribution networks will remain dedicated to specific brands. For CNH, this strategy makes solid business sense for two reasons. Brand loyalty is strong in the equipment industry, in part due to the generations of equipment use within family businesses that are prevalent in the agricultural and construction equipment industries. Second, the Case and New Holland businesses are highly complementary, and the various brands of each business have strengths in different customer segments and geographic markets around the world. CNH will build on the existing points of differentiation between its brands. For example, in the North American agricultural equipment markets, the Case IH line has a substantial presence in the large cash grain customer segment, while the New Holland line has a strong position in multi-use farms that include livestock and dairy segments. These product lines have been developed over time to deliver the features and performance required by these distinct customer groups. In addition, the two brands have products that address specific, sometimes specialized, market needs. New Holland, for example, is a dominant supplier of grape harvesting equipment, while Case has leading products for cotton and sugar cane harvesting. Key Dates:

Key Dates:

Jerome Increase Case builds his first thresher machine, and soon founds the Jerome Increase Case Machinery Company.
Company is reformed as a co-partnership, called J.I. Case & Co.
Case produces its first steam traction engine.
Partnership is incorporated as J.I. Case Threshing Machine Company.
New Holland Machine Company is founded.
Ford Motor Company begins making the first mass-produced agricultural tractor.
Fiat introduces its first mass-produced tractor to the market.

Case changes its name to J.I. Case Company.
Case workers in Racine begin a 440-day strike--at the time, the nation's longest ever.
Sperry Corporation acquires New Holland, creating the subsidiary Sperry New Holland.
Case relaunches its industrial equipment line and acquires American Tractor Corp.
Kern County Land Company (KCL) gains majority control of Case.
Tenneco Company acquires KCL and its stake in Case.
Case becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Tenneco; Fiat creates an earthmoving equipment subsidiary, Fiat Macchine Movimento Terra.
Fiat Macchine creates joint venture with Allis Chalmers Corporation, Fiat-Allis.
Fiat consolidates all of its agricultural machinery manufacturing under Fiatagri unit.
Case acquires International Harvester's agricultural product line.
Ford acquires Sperry New Holland and merges it with Ford Tractor Operations to form Ford New Holland, Inc.
Fiat-Allis and Fiatagri are merged to form FiatGeotech S.p.A., which includes all of Fiat's agricultural and earthmoving equipment.
Case posts a net loss of $1.1 billion; Fiat acquires an 80 percent interest in Ford New Holland, which is merged with FiatGeotech to form N.H. Geotech.
N.H. Geotech changes its name to New Holland N.V.
Tenneco takes Case Corporation public.
Tenneco sells its remaining stake in Case, which gains its full independence.
New Holland acquires Case and changes its name to CNH Global N.V.

Company History:

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