Evergreen Marine Corporation (Taiwan) Ltd. History

Evergreen Marine Building
166, Minsheng East Road, Sec2
Taipei, 104

Telephone: 886 (2) 3312 3126
Fax: 886 (2) 3312 3525

Public Company
Incorporated: 1987
Employees: 1,438
Sales: NT $3.5 billion (US$101.9 million) (2001)
Stock Exchanges: Taiwan
Ticker Symbol: EMC
NAIC: 483111 Deep Sea Freight Transportation; 483211 Inland Water Freight Transportation; 488310 Port and Harbor Operations; 488320 Marine Cargo Handling (All but Dock and Pier Operations); 488510 Freight Transportation Arrangement; 484110 General Freight Trucking, Local; 484121 General Freight Trucking, Long-Distance; 488490 Other Support Activities for Road Transportation; 493110 General Warehousing and Storage; 493190 Other Warehousing and Storage; 493120 Refrigerated Warehousing and Storage; 234990 All Other Heavy Construction

Company Perspectives:

Evergreen is committed to maintaining its traditional philosophy of serving world trade by providing the best transport services possible. By so doing, it is certain to play an even more important role in the world of commerce.

Key Dates:

Evergreen Marine is established with one second-hand cargo vessel.
First liner service begins on Middle East trade route.
Evergreen Marine Corporation (Japan) Ltd. is established in Tokyo.
Evergreen Marine Corporation (New York) Ltd. is established.
Evergreen Group Incorporated S.A. is established in Panama.
Evergreen Marine Corporation (California) is established.
Evergreen Marine Corporation (U.K.) is established in London, later becoming the exclusive agent of Evergreen for the United Kingdom and Ireland.
The company is renamed Evergreen International S.A. (EIS) to highlight the global expansion of the Evergreen Group.
The company initiates two-way around the world container service, eastbound and westbound.
Headquarters offices are built in Taipei, Taiwan; Evergreen Marine Corporation (New York) and Evergreen Marine Corporation (California) merge to form Evergreen International (USA).
Evergreen Marine International (USA) is renamed Evergreen America Corporation.
Evergreen Star Hong Kong Ltd. is established, replacing its agent for Evergreen Marine Corporation and Uniglory Marine Corporation.
Evergreen International (Deutschland) GmbH becomes certified to ISO 9002.
Evergreen Philippines Corporation (EGP) is established in Manila to handle operation of Evergreen and Uniglory services.
Evergreen Group fleet numbers 61 full container vessels. Owned ships and those chartered long term total 130 over 400,000 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent units).

Company History:

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