FleetBoston Financial Corporation History

One Federal Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02110-2010

Telephone: (617) 346-4000
Fax: (617) 434-6943

Public Company
Incorporated: 1791 as Providence Bank
Employees: 59,200
Total Assets: $190.69 billion (1999)
Stock Exchanges: New York
Ticker Symbol: FLT
NAIC: 551111 Offices of Bank Holding Companies; 522110 Commercial Banking; 522210 Credit Card Issuing; 522291 Consumer Lending; 522292 Real Estate Credit; 522293 International Trade Financing; 523110 Investment Banking and Securities Dealing; 523120 Securities Brokerage; 523910 Miscellaneous Intermediation; 523920 Portfolio Management; 523930 Investment Advice; 524113 Direct Life Insurance Carriers

Company Perspectives:

FleetBoston Financial is combining the best of our two organizations, Fleet and BankBoston, to create exceptional financial opportunities for 20 million customers. Our innovative banking services are complemented by a firm commitment to strengthen the communities where we do business through financial support, sponsorships, community development and service programs. Key Dates:

Key Dates:

Massachusetts Bank is founded in Boston.
Providence Bank is founded in Rhode Island.
The State Bank of Albany is formed in upstate New York.
The Warren Bank, predecessor of Shawmut National Corporation, is founded in Boston.
Safety Fund Bank is founded in Boston.
Massachusetts Bank becomes a national bank, as Massachusetts National Bank of Boston; Safety Fund becomes a national bank, as First National Bank of Boston.
Providence Bank becomes a national bank, under the name Providence National Bank.
The Industrial Trust Company is established in Rhode Island.
Massachusetts National and First National Bank of Boston merge, taking the latter's name.
Providence National makes first acquisition, Merchants National Bank.
Baystate Corporation, predecessor of BayBanks, Inc., is founded in Boston.
Providence National acquires Union Trust Company.
Providence National changes its name to Providence Union National Bank and Trust.
Providence Union merges with Industrial Trust, forming Industrial National Bank.
Industrial National forms holding company, Industrial Bancorp.
Industrial Bancorp is renamed Industrial National Corporation; Bank of Boston reorganizes under a new holding company, First National Boston Corporation.
Industrial National begins diversifying into nonbank financial services; State Bank of Albany takes over Liberty Bank of Buffalo, creating a holding company called Union Bank of New York.
Union Bank is renamed Norstar Bancorp; Industrial National is renamed Fleet Financial Group, Inc.
First National Boston changes its name to Bank of Boston Corporation .
Fleet makes its first bank acquisition outside Rhode Island, First Connecticut Bancorp of Hartford.
Fleet acquires Norstar, forming Fleet/Norstar Financial Group.
Fleet/Norstar takes over the failed Bank of New England.
Fleet/Norstar readopts the name Fleet Financial Group, Inc.
Fleet acquires Shawmut National and moves its headquarters to Boston.
Fleet acquires New Jersey-based NatWest Bancorp; Bank of Boston acquires BayBanks.
Fleet acquires Columbia Management Company, an asset management firm; Bank of Boston changes its name to BankBoston Corporation.
Fleet acquires discount broker Quick & Reilly, the consumer credit card operations of Advanta Corporation, and Merrill Lynch Specialists; BankBoston acquires Robertson Stephens, an investment banking firm.
Fleet acquires Sanwa Business Credit, a leasing and asset-based lending firm; Fleet acquires BankBoston and renames itself Fleet Boston Corporation.
Company is renamed FleetBoston Financial Corporation.

Company History:

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