Johnson Controls, Inc. History

5757 North Green Bay Avenue
Post Office Box 591
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201-0591

Telephone: (414) 524-1200
Fax: (414) 524-2077

Public Company
Incorporated: 1885 as Johnson Electric Service Company
Employees: 113,000
Sales: $22.65 billion (2003)
Stock Exchanges: New York
Ticker Symbol: JCI
NAIC: 335911 Storage Battery Manufacturing; 336322 Other Motor Vehicle Electrical and Electronic Equipment Manufacturing; 336360 Motor Vehicle Seating and Interior Trim Manufacturing; 336399 All Other Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing; 333415 Air-Conditioning and Warm Air Heating Equipment and Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing; 334290 Other Communications Equipment Manufacturing; 334512 Automatic Environmental Control Manufacturing for Regulating Residential, Commercial, and Appliance Use; 334513 Instruments and Related Product Manufacturing for Measuring, Displaying, and Controlling Industrial Process Variables; 334519 Other Measuring and Controlling Device Manufacturing; 335314 Relay and Industrial Control Manufacturing; 561210 Facilities Support Services

Company Perspectives:

Johnson Controls has expanded remarkably since Professor Warren Johnson founded the company to manufacture his invention, the electric room thermostat. Since its start in 1885, Johnson Controls has grown into a multi-billion dollar corporation, with worldwide leadership in two businesses: automotive systems and building controls. Fundamental to this success is the Johnson Controls mission to continually exceed customers' increasing expectations. We focus on innovation and commit to continuous improvements in quality, service, productivity and time compression. We believe that if we go beyond what customers expect, customers will return again and again, asking Johnson Controls to further contribute to their success. That's why, in both of its businesses, Johnson Controls is doing more for its customers than it did just a few years ago.

Key Dates:

Professor Warren Johnson invents an electric thermostat system--the first room thermostat.
Johnson forms Johnson Electric Service Company, based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
The company builds its first tower clock for the Minneapolis courthouse.
Company's name is changed to Johnson Service Company.
Following Johnson's death, Harry W. Ellis is elected president and sells all the firm's operations except for the controls business.
Johnson Service goes public with an over-the-counter listing on the NASDAQ system.
Company begins building and installing pneumatic control centers.
First foreign manufacturing plant is built in Italy.
Johnson introduces the JC/80, the first minicomputer system that manages building controls.
Company changes its name to Johnson Controls, Inc.
To diversify, the company merges with Globe-Union Inc., the nation's largest maker of automotive batteries.
Johnson Controls completes two major acquisitions: Hoover Universal, Inc., a major supplier of seating and plastic parts for automobiles and a new entrant in the plastic-container industry; and Ferro Manufacturing Corporation, supplier of automotive seating components and mechanisms.
Pan Am World Services, Inc., provider of facility management services for military bases, airports, and space centers, is acquired.
Metasys facility management system is introduced.
Johnson acquires Roth Frères SA, a French supplier of automotive seating and interior systems.
Company pays $1.3 billion for Holland, Michigan-based Prince Automotive, supplier of automotive interior systems and components.
Plastic container division is sold to a unit of Viag Group AG for about $650 million.
Johnson acquires Becker Group, Inc., a supplier of interior systems in both North America and Europe.
France-based automotive electronics supplier Sagem SA is acquired.
Johnson purchases the automotive battery business of Germany's Varta AG.

Company History:

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