Stora Enso Oyj History

Kanavaranta One
P.O. Box 309
FIN-00101 Helsinki

Telephone: (20) 46 131
Fax: (20) 46 21471

Public Company
Incorporated: 1896 as Aktiebolaget W. Gutzeit & Co.
Employees: 40,226
Sales: EUR 10.64 billion (US$11.33 billion) (1999)
Stock Exchanges: Helsinki Stockholm
NAIC: 113110 Timber Tract Operations; 113310 Logging; 115310 Support Activities for Forestry; 321113 Sawmills; 322110 Pulp Mills; 322121 Paper (Except Newsprint) Mills; 322122 Newsprint Mills; 322130 Paperboard Mills; 322211 Corrugated and Solid Fiber Box Manufacturing; 322222 Coated and Laminated Paper Manufacturing; 422110 Printing and Writing Paper Wholesalers

Company Perspectives:

Mission: To promote communication and the well-being of people by turning renewable fiber into paper, packaging, and processed wood products. Key Dates:

Key Dates:

First documentary evidence of mining at the copper mountain near Falun, Sweden.
King Magnus Eriksson of Sweden grants a royal charter, bestowing a series of privileges on the mine.
Annual copper production hits peaks of 3,000 tons.
Second of two giant cave-ins marks the beginning of a gradual decline in mine output.

Mid-18th century:Production of Falun red paint commences.

Early 19th century:Stora begins producing pig iron and bar iron, and later moves into forest products.
Mining, iron, and wood activities are combined within a single company, Stora Kopparbergs Bergslag.
Norway-based W. Gutzeit & Co. erects the first steam-powered sawmill in Finland, on the island of Kotka.
Stora acquires a sawmill at Skutskär.
Stora Kopparbergs Bergslag becomes a limited share company; Enso Träsliperi Aktiebolaget is born through the building of the first groundwood mill on the Vuoksi River.
W. Gutzeit & Co. is reincorporated in Finland as Aktiebolaget W. Gutzeit & Co.
A paper mill for newsprint is established by Stora at Kvarnsveden.

Early 20th century:Stora builds hydroelectric stations to power its plants.
Enso adds a paper machine to its mill.
Gutzeit acquires Aktiebolaget Pankakoski and its groundwood mill.
Enso builds large hydroelectric power station on the Vuoksi River.
Gutzeit acquires the financially troubled Enso.
Stora becomes part of the Wallenberg empire with the appointment of Marcus Wallenberg, Sr., as chairman.
The Finnish government becomes majority shareholder in Gutzeit.
Gutzeit is renamed Enso-Gutzeit Osakeyhtiö.
Enso-Gutzeit acquires Tornator Osakeyhtiö.

1939-40:Enso-Gutzeit suffers heavy damage in Soviet attacks on Finland; 1940 territorial concessions lead to loss of significant facilities and forestland.
Stora begins overseas expansion with the building of a pulp mill in Nova Scotia, Canada.
Enso-Gutzeit begins international expansion.
Stora begins focusing on forest products through divestment of specialty steel unit.
Stora's commercial steel operations are divested.
Purchase of Billerud makes Stora the largest forestry company in Europe.
Enso-Gutzeit acquires Varkaus; Stora acquires Papyrus.
Stora acquires Swedish Match.
Stora acquires Feldmühle Nobel, based in Germany.
Mining operations in Falun come to an end.
Enso-Gutzeit acquires Veitsiluoto; E-G adopts new name, Enso Oyj.
Enso acquires majority control of the German firm E. Holtzmann & Cie AG.
Stora purchases majority control of a Chinese fine paper mill, Suzhou Papyrus Paper; Stora and Enso merge to form Stora Enso Oyj.
Stora Enso announces that it will acquire Consolidated Papers, Inc. of the United States.

Company History:

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