The Ziegler Companies, Inc. History

250 East Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 2000
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202-4298

Telephone: (414) 978-6400
Toll Free: 800-797-4272
Fax: (414) 978-6401

Public Company
Incorporated: 1971 as The Ziegler Company, Inc.
Employees: 330
Total Assets: $121.1 million (2003)
Stock Exchanges: Pink Sheets
Ticker Symbol: ZCOI
NAIC: 523110 Investment Banking and Securities Dealing; 523120 Securities Brokerage; 523920 Portfolio Management; 525910 Open-End Investment Funds; 551112 Offices of Other Holding Companies

Company Perspectives:

Our Mission: We advance health, wealth and well-being through tailored financial solutions. This statement is the soul of our company; it tells why we are in business--to have a positive impact on the lives of the clients we serve. We improve health (physical, spiritual and mental) by creating funding to build churches, healthcare and senior living centers in communities throughout America. We help clients retire in prosperity and dignity. We help them generate and preserve wealth that they can use to improve their quality of life--by educating their children and grandchildren, giving to charities, realizing dreams of travel, recreation and financial freedom.

Key Dates:

18-year-old Bernhard C. "Ben" Ziegler takes over an insurance business in West Bend, Wisconsin.
In wake of Roosevelt Panic of 1907, Ziegler begins making loans to area farmers.
Ziegler makes his first bond issue, for West Bend's Church of the Holy Angels.
Ziegler incorporates B.C. Ziegler and Company.
Company arranges its first institutional loan outside Wisconsin.
Anticipating the beginning of a recession, Ziegler sells all his stock and pays off his company's debt--in advance of the October stock market crash.
Company opens first sales office, in Milwaukee.
First Church Financing Corporation is created to handle collateral trust bonds.
Ziegler Financing Corporation is formed to provide short-term construction loans for commercial and industrial projects.
Ziegler unveils its own family of mutual funds.
The Ziegler Company, Inc. is created as a holding company for the various operating companies, and its stock is offered to the public on the over-the-counter market.
Ziegler acquires Chicago investment banking firm Barcus, Kindred & Company, Inc., which is later renamed Ziegler Securities.
Ziegler Asset Management, Inc. is formed to provide money management services; Ziegler Company's stock is listed on the American Stock Exchange.
Parent company is reincorporated in Wisconsin as The Ziegler Companies, Inc.
Headquarters are shifted to Milwaukee; the company's mutual fund family is rebranded as North Track Funds.
Ziegler voluntarily delists its stock from the American Stock Exchange; it begins OTC trading via the Pink Sheets electronic network.

Company History:

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