U.S. Bancorp History

U.S. Bank Place
601 Second Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402-4302

Telephone: (612) 973-1111
Fax: (612) 973-2446

Public Company
Incorporated: 1929 as First Bank Stock Investment Company
Employees: 26,891
Total Assets: $81.53 billion (1999)
Stock Exchanges: New York
Ticker Symbol: USB
NAIC: 551111 Offices of Bank Holding Companies; 52211 Commercial Banking (pt); 52221 Credit Card Issuing (pt); 52232 Financial Transactions Processing; 52239 Other Activities Related to Credit Intermediation (pt)

Company Perspectives:

We strive to create superior value for our shareholders by fulfilling our customer promise. We simplify our customers' lives by delivering anytime, anywhere access to a comprehensive range of financial solutions. This is the essence of the U.S. Bancorp brand. 'Simplify' means satisfying customer expectations for quality, convenience and execution, while meeting the need for confidence and security. 'Access' is providing a wide range of choices for doing business with us. 'Solutions' result from our knowledge of the customer, the superior performance of our products and services, and the expertise of our people. Key Dates:

Key Dates:

United States National Bank of Portland is founded.
United States National and Ainsworth National merge.
United States National merges with Ladd and Tilton, Oregon's oldest bank.
First Bank Stock Investment Corporation is formed.
United States National Bank of Portland is renamed United States National Bank of Oregon.
First Bank Stock Investment Corporation is renamed First Bank System, Inc.; United States National Bank reorganizes as a holding company called U.S. Bancorp.
First Bank National Association is formed through the merger of large banks in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the greater Twin Cities region.
First Bank hires John (Jack) Grundhofer as CEO, chairman, and president.
First Bank acquires U.S. Bancorp's corporate trust operations in Oregon and Washington.
U.S. Bancorp acquires West One Bancorp of Idaho.
In its largest acquisition, First Bank purchases U.S. Bancorp and adopts the U.S. Bancorp name; company also acquires Piper Jaffray Companies Inc.

Company History:

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