UnumProvident Corporation History

One Fountain Square
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37402-1307

Telephone: (423) 755-1011
Fax: (423) 755-3962

Public Company
Incorporated: 1887 as Mutual Medical Aid and Accident Insurance Company
Employees: 13,100
Total Assets: $42.44 billion (2001)
Stock Exchanges: New York
Ticker Symbol: UNM
NAIC: 524113 Direct Life Insurance Carriers; 524114 Direct Health and Medical Insurance Carriers; 551112 Offices of Other Holding Companies

Company Perspectives:

UnumProvident combines the resources of the three income protection leaders--Provident, Unum and Paul Revere--each with over a century of industry leadership and experience. The resulting scale of our operation benefits customers through our strong focus, depth of resources and constantly growing expertise in a specialty business. We offer insurance products and services that help people protect their incomes if they become injured or ill and unable to work, and we provide extensive resources to help them get back to work. We study the many facets of workplace health and productivity and develop products and services designed to help employers maintain a safe, productive workplace. Our efforts on behalf of customers include: integrated product offerings that meet customer needs; benefits emphasizing return to work; highly responsive service. The results? Employees and individuals who are more productive and secure. Employers who are better able to recruit and retain a talented workforce. Partnerships based on commitment.

Key Dates:

Elisha B. Pratt founds the Maine-chartered but Boston-headquartered Union Mutual Life Insurance Company.
As president, John E. DeWitt engineers the shifting of Union Mutual's headquarters to Portland, Maine.
Mutual Medical Aid and Accident Insurance Company is founded in Chattanooga, Tennessee; medical aid policies are dropped and the company changes its name to Provident Accident Insurance Company.
Provident is reorganized--changed from a mutual to a stock company.
Provident begins offering life insurance and eventually changes its name to Provident Life and Accident Insurance Company of America.
Union Mutual expands into accident and health insurance.

1960s:Union Mutual develops a group long-term disability business.

1970s:Provident develops an increasingly diverse product line, with particular growth in group health insurance.
Union Mutual converts from a mutual firm to a public company and adopts the new name UNUM Corporation; in the aftermath, UNUM begins focusing on disability insurance, primarily the group variety.
UNUM acquires National Employers Life Assurance Co. Ltd., the largest disability provider in the United Kingdom.
UNUM acquires Duncanson & Holt, Inc., a leading accident and health reinsurance underwriting company.
UNUM acquires Colonial Companies Inc., parent of Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company, which offers payroll-deducted nonmedical insurance.
Unum Japan Accident Insurance Company Limited is established.
Provident divests its group health insurance business.
A new holding company called Provident Companies Inc. is formed.
Provident acquires Paul Revere Corporation, one of the leading individual disability insurers in the United States, and GENEX Services, Inc.
Provident and UNUM merge to form UnumProvident Corporation, based in Chattanooga.

Company History:

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