Wells Fargo & Company History

420 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, California 94163

Telephone: (415) 411-4932
Toll Free: 800-411-4932
Fax: (415) 677-9075

Public Company
Incorporated: 1968 as Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.; 1983 as Norwest Corporation
Employees: 114,000
Total Assets: $263 billion (2000)
Stock Exchanges: New York Chicago
Ticker Symbol: WFC
NAIC: 522110 Commercial Banking; 522210 Credit Card Issuing; 522220 Sales Financing; 522291 Consumer Lending; 522292 Real Estate Credit; 522298 All Other Nondepository Credit Intermediation; 523110 Investment Banking and Securities Dealing; 523120 Securities Brokerage; 523920 Portfolio Management; 523991 Trust, Fiduciary, and Custody Activities; 524210 Insurance Agencies and Brokerages; 551111 Offices of Bank Holding Companies

Company Perspectives:

Wells Fargo was founded on the American frontier 148 years ago to satisfy a fundamental human need&mdashø connect one customer to another and one market to another by transporting goods, services and funds fast and securely across great distances. We're still doing it today. Our vision--satisfying all our customers' financial needs--is built on that same process--connecting. That's the 'next stage' of the new Wells Fargo. Key Dates:

Key Dates:

Henry Wells and William G. Fargo form Wells, Fargo & Company to provide express and banking services to California.
Wells Fargo gains control of Overland Mail Company, leading to operation of the western portion of the Pony Express.
'Grand consolidation' unites Wells Fargo, Holladay, and Overland Mail stage lines under the Wells Fargo name.
A.P. Giannini creates the Bank of Italy in San Francisco.
Wells Fargo separates its banking and express operations; Wells Fargo's bank is merged with the Nevada National Bank to form the Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank.
Wells Fargo Nevada merges with the Union Trust Company to form the Wells Fargo Bank & Union Trust Company.
Giannini forms Transamerica Corporation as a holding company for his banking and other interests.
Northwest Bancorporation, or Banco, is formed as a banking association.
Wells shortens its name to Wells Fargo Bank.
Transamerica spins off its banking operations, including 23 banks in 11 western states, as Firstamerica Corporation.
Wells Fargo merges with American Trust Company to form the Wells Fargo Bank American Trust Company.
Firstamerica changes its name to Western Bancorporation.
Wells again shortens its name to Wells Fargo Bank.
Wells converts to a federal banking charter, becoming Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
Wells Fargo & Company holding company is formed, with Wells Fargo Bank as its main subsidiary.
Western Bancorporation changes its name to First Interstate Bancorp.
Banco acquires consumer finance firm Dial Corporation, which is renamed Norwest Financial Service the following year.
Banco is renamed Norwest Corporation.
Wells Fargo acquires Crocker National Corporation.
Wells Fargo acquires Barclays Bank of California.
Wells Fargo becomes the first major financial services firm to offer Internet banking.
Wells Fargo acquires First Interstate for $11.3 billion.
Norwest acquires Wells Fargo for $31.7 billion and adopts the Wells Fargo name.
Wells Fargo acquires First Security Corporation.

Company History:

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